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B & W international Boite Vélo

B & W international Boite Vélo

SKU : 96910N
494.99C$ Prix original
395.99C$Prix promotionnel
  • Spécification

    Product description:
    • moulded 4.4mm ABS plastic outside shell
    • high density foam block for chain ring
    • two thick sheets of open cell foam inside.
    • PP-webbing security belt wraps around outside of case
    • 28.3" top, 44.5" bottom, 32.3" width and 11" deep (internal)
    • 72cm top, 113cm bottom, 82cm width and 28cm deep (internal)
    • 26 pounds (empty with mounting hardware)
    • Will fit any bike frame to 62 cm (not for downhill bikes) and even many of the Scott Plasma CR1 fixed seat tubes.
    • Includes 2 extra lightly padded wheel bag covers.
    • tie down straps on top and bottom side of case.
    • latches can be locked (not recommended since 9/11)
    • All hardware is mounted with screws and can be replaced by user.
    • Includes one extra set of wheels.
    • 4 wheels are uni-directional, so case can only be rolled in a straight line.
    • Moulded case is stackable and locks into each side.
    • Fits in smaller cars.
    additional de-
    sign features:
    • Comes packed in a retail box, 49x35x13”.
    • All handles and parts are fastended with screws by hand, so the user can make repairs with standard tools. 
    • Ships with UPS as oversize 3 (90 lbs), due to volume.
    • easy to spot blue color!
    • Quick. 10 min. packing, 5 min. unpacking.
    • direct-to-consumer pricing
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